How you can help


How you can support #wecantwait:


1. Sign the petition!

2. Share it with your family and friends

3. Print and pin up our poster to help people sign when they're out and about

4. Download our fact sheet on Crohn's and colitis

5. Write to the heads of Pharmac to spell out why this issue is so important to you personally, and copy it to your local MP. Your story and experience will really help bring this cause to life. Here’s how:

- these are the email addresses of the key Pharmac people and here’s where you can find contact details for your local MP. If you don't know your electorate you can find yours here by typing your address. Here are some further tips and quick email lists to contact MPs.

- Write your own letter, or, if you wish, you can use this template (see your downloads) and just fill in the sections in [italics and brackets] with your personal story. You can give as much detail or as little as you like. Feel free to include photographs. Sign off with your name and email, and be sure to ask for a reply.

- If you’d like a hand with this, contact Belinda at [email protected] or talk to your local IBD nurse. Please do send us a copy of your letter – also to [email protected] – Belinda is Operational Manager at CCNZ and also a patient.

Thank you for your support!


Spread the word

Please download any of the images below and share these on your social channels to spread the word about this important petition.

You can join the campaign using #wecantwait in your posts.